Microbiome 101

Here a few articles we've put together for you to learn more about the trillions of bacteria that live in and on your body. Enjoy!


What’s Really In Your Poop?

The lowdown on the brown. Does it seem like life dumps a load of poop into your mailbox at times? Here at uBiome, this is literally the case. And I have to tell you we couldn’t be happier. Much to our delight the postal service brings us stacks of fresh stool samples every morning... (read more)


Tracking Poop, Gut Parasites, and Antibiotic Effects

At the recent Quantified Self conference in San Francisco, self-experimenter Mark Moschel talked about his unfortunate encounter with a parasite-filled bowl of ceviche in the streets of Ecuador. But in true QS fashion, Mark turned it into an opportunity to learn about his body. He took several uBiome tests, and shares what he learned in the... (read more)


Resistance: A Film About Antibiotics

Are we at war with the bacteria that live in and on our bodies, or do we need their help? A new documentary film called Resistance looks at that question. With touching personal stories, insightful expert comments, and fun snippets of old-style public service announcements, filmmaker Michael Graziano helps us to see that using antibiotics to kill our bacterial... (read more)


Acne and the Microbiome: Christi Investigates

Christine Preston is back to share more microbiome research insights with us. Thanks Christi! — Hi again, everyone! This week I’ve been battling some nasty skin flare-ups, and it occurred to me that I didn’t really know what types of bacteria cause or contribute to acne. There is a multi-billion dollar industry trying to sell washes... (read more)


Baby Microbiomes: Christi Investigates

Let’s give a warm welcome to Christine Preston, a post-doc from UC Berkeley who is now part of the uBiome family. She’s here to help us better understand the current state of research on the microbiome. Thanks Christi! — Hello to the uBiome community! When Alexandra asked me if I wanted to do a blog... (read more)


My Microbiome Experience from Start to Results

Thanks to Dr. Brooke Anderson-White for this guest post today! For the past couple of years my Twitter feed, Facebook wall, and blog have been overrun with all things microbiome; however, until a couple months ago, I had yet to contribute my own microbial ecosystem to the growing dataset. While at uBiome, I joined the... (read more)


Meet your Friendly Neighborhood Mouth Biome

Guess what? Living cozily inside your mouth right now are about 700 species of microbes. They happily reside on your teeth, gums, tongue, the insides of your cheeks, the roof and floor of your mouth, even your tonsils. Some of them protect your health, and some of them are associated with cavities, gum disease, and infections like... (read more)


3 Reasons to Love Your Bacteria!

Since it’s the season of love, I thought we should give a little love to all the hard-working and under-appreciated beings we share life with. Our beautiful bacteria. Now I’m not suggesting we write love letters to our E. coli or send flowers to our lactobacillus, although some of your gut bacteria might appreciate if... (read more)