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uBiome’s mission is to use big data to understand the human microbiome by giving users the power to learn about their bodies, perform experiments, and see how current research studies apply to them.



uBiome was launched in 2012 by scientists and technologists educated at Stanford and UCSF after a crowdfunding campaign raised over $350,000 from citizen scientists, roughly triple its initial goal. The company is now funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, and other leading investors.


Press coverage
"We could see [the citizen scientist's] microbiome change pretty dramatically to fat-digesting bacteria versus carbohydrate-digesting bacteria within three days."
Everything You Need to Know About Poop
New York Magazine - May 30, 2016
"Ahead of visiting the show, I had my microbiome analyzed by a company called uBiome"
A Timely Gut Check
Wall Street Journal - April 27, 2016
"Diversity is critical: Generally speaking, a wider range of microbes creates stronger protection from chronic health conditions and autoimmune diseases."
5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Improve Your Gut Bacteria
Men's Health - March 19, 2016

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Dr. Jessica Richman
Co-Founder | CEO
Dr. Zachary Apte
Co-Founder | CTO