Sleep Study

uBiome is partnering with CQUniversity’s Appleton Institute in South Australia and University of Chicago to find out:

How does disrupted sleep affect the human gut microbiota?

This study will explore ways in which sleep duration affects the composition of the human microbiome, and whether this may in turn play a part in mental health problems and weight management issues.

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Our lab uses cutting-edge next generation DNA sequencing technology to identify your bacteria.


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uBiome will share findings about sleep and the gut microbiome, to accelerate health research.


Dr Amy Reynolds, BPsych(Hons), DPhil

Amy’s area of interest and expertise is shiftwork, sleep and gut health, with a focus on understanding the implications for long-term chronic illness in working populations. Dr Reynolds completed her PhD on the effects of insufficient sleep on physical and psychological functioning in men, and has subsequently consulted on the success of fatigue interventions in the mining industry while working with the Centre for Safety and Centre for Sleep Science at the University of Western Australia. She has also been involved in evaluation of community preparedness for bushfire emergency in Australia, and has published on the health effects of both insufficient sleep and shift work.

Dr Melissa Dsouza

Dr Melissa Dsouza earned her B.Tech in Biotechnology (First Class Honors) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2010. Subsequently, she completed her PhD at the University of Auckland as a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholar in 2014. Her research looked at better understanding the adaptations that give bacteria their ability to grow and survive in the harsh, nutrient-depleted Antarctic soil environment. Currently, she is a joint Postdoctoral Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory, MA and at the Department of Surgery, University of Chicago. Her current research focuses on investigating the ecology of microbial communities in wide range of natural (e.g. forest soils, sediments) and built environments (e.g. Chicago Area Waterways Systems, Aquaponic and Hydroponic Systems). Her publications can be found here. Dr Dsouza will be providing invaluable expertise in analysis of the microbial communities for comparison across sleep measurement to compliment Dr Reynolds’ expertise in sleep, shiftwork and health.