$159 Genital Plus Kit - Special Offer

Thank you again for participating in the Women’s Study. We’re excited to offer you this exclusive uBiome Genital+ Kit. 

This kit includes a uBiome genital sample and a bonus uBiome gut sample. You’ll be able to see your results on uBiome’s website 4-6 weeks after you return your samples to our lab.

This second genital sample will allow you to see all the bacteria present in your genital area and the changes between now and your original Women’s Study sample. There’s so much to learn!

The uBiome Gut Kit helps you explore what lives in your gut and discover the answers to these questions and more:

- How does your gut differ from a vegetarian or meat-eater diet?

- (New) How well does your gut metabolize carbohydrates, caffeine, and other things?

- (New) What is your bacterial diversity? Happy exploring!

How it works


Get tested.

We'll send you a testkit with easy to follow instructions.


Compare your results.

Compare your results to other people and share the results with your doctor.


Make adjustments & retest.

Improve your diet, make adjustments and track your progress over time.

Why should I test my microbiome?

  • Scientific studies linked certain gut bacteria to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart health and depression.
  • Good gut bacteria can help regulate digestion, safeguard immunity, and help maintain your weight
  • You will contribute to research that can help cure those diseases