The Aging Microbiome Study

How does aging affect the human microbiome?
How do our changing bacteria impact age-related disease? 

Working with Dr. Michael George (left), Professor of Medical Microbiology at UC Davis, we will conduct a large-scale citizen science project to characterize changes in the oral and intestinal microbiome that result from aging

480 samples will be gathered from 20 participants over 4 weeks.

We are inviting sponsors to make this research happen by helping pay for the cost of the kits. Sponsors will get recognition on the study website, in any publications, and in our hearts. 

Please join us today to make this study possible. Thank you!

How does this work?


You sponsor the study

Read through Dr. George's Aging Microbiome Study outline here. Then choose your support level and sponsor the study.


We do the research

Dr. George will collect the samples, and our lab will use cutting-edge next generation DNA sequencing technology to analyze the microbiome samples.


Everyone wins

Dr. George and uBiome will share the findings of the study, recognizing your contribution, and advancing scientific understanding of aging.

Why sponsor this study?

  • Learn which bacteria live in and on the human body, and how this changes with age.
  • Have your name recognized in publications, on the study website, and in our hearts.
  • Pre-publication access to all study data.
  • For gold sponsors, a tour of the uBiome lab in San Francisco.