$199 Gut Time Lapse


Test your gut over 3 different time points, with the uBiome Gut Time Lapse pack.

This kit pack is ideal if you want to track how an intervention, such as a diet change, affects your microbial balance, or if you want to learn how your gut microbiome changes over time.


How it works


Sample your bacteria

We'll send you a home sampling kit that takes less than 2 minutes to use (and is not gross). It's super easy!


Cutting Edge DNA Sequencing

Our lab uses cutting-edge DNA sequencing to identify your bacteria using science from Harvard, Stanford, and UCSF.


Be a citizen scientist

Explore your inner world. What's in and on your body? Is it Streptoccus? Clostridia? The elusive Marvinbryantia?

Why should I test my microbiome?

  • Learn which bacteria live in your gut.
  • Understand how your bacteria compare to different types of people.
  • Help advance the science of the microbiome as a citizen scientist.
  • Find out how well your gut bacteria metabolizes carbohydrates, caffeine, and over 100 other functions.
  • Use the data to see how changes in your diet affect you.
  • Come on, you know you love your bacteria...