$89 Smartbiomexx

Smartbiomexx helps you learn about the microbes in your gut. Test yourself, and learn the answers to these questions + more:

- How does your gut differ from a vegetarian or meat-eater?

- (New) How well does your gut use carbohydrates, caffeine, and others?

- (New) What is your microbial diversity?

Sample more than once and learn how your gut responds to lifestyle changes over time. There's so much to learn!

How it works


Sample your bacteria

We'll send you a home sampling kit that takes less than 2 minutes to use (and is not gross). It's super easy!


Cutting Edge DNA Sequencing

Our lab uses cutting-edge DNA sequencing to identify your bacteria using science from Harvard, Stanford, and UCSF.


Be a citizen scientist

Explore your inner world. What's in and on your body? Is it Streptoccus? Clostridia? The elusive Marvinbryantia?

Why should I test my microbiome?

  • Learn which bacteria live in your gut.
  • Understand how your bacteria compare to different types of people.
  • Help advance the science of the microbiome as a citizen scientist.
  • Find out how well your gut bacteria metabolizes carbohydrates, caffeine, and over 100 other functions.
  • Use the data to see how changes in your diet affect you.
  • Come on, you know you love your bacteria...